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If you're new to RP-Society or Forum Roleplaying in general, introduce yourself here! Are you a Forum Roleplay Veteran? Feel free to introduce yourself anyway!
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By Thunderstruck Mon at 04:53 am
Read site rules and post bug reports, suggestions and questions. You'll also find site-wide announcements here.
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By Thunderstruck Jun 2, 18
Roleplay and Writing
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For all your out of character plotting needs!
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By Therion/Dark Fri at 09:14 am
New User Friendly! For Roleplays with fewer length restrictions and minimal plot premises and planning. A thread may vary in post lengths, from one-liners to paragraph posts and may or may not have an Interest Check or OOC thread.
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By Kiki Zapatos Feb 23, 18
For Fantasy Roleplays that can be explained through magical or mythical means at any point in time, as well as Historical Fiction Roleplays that explore other eras.
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By Mist Wed at 05:36 pm
For Futuristic, Slice of Life, and Sci-Fi Roleplays, as well as Roleplays that can be explained through biological or technological means, or take place in a setting from recent history to the future.
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By TheMilkGod May 24, 18
For Roleplay threads that are based off an existing work or universe. All your anime, superhero, book-based, and other fan-work style Roleplays go in here!
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By Sorin Dec 5, 17
For any Roleplay threads that do not fit in the other categories.
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By Valari Jun 18, 18
Formerly called UCRP, this is where roleplays inhabiting massive worlds and spanning ambitious story arcs take place. These are user-run and often have simultaneous story arcs taking place at the same time.
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By Therion/Dark May 31, 18
For solo, non-roleplay works including Novels, Novellas, Short Stories, Prose, Poetry & Lyrics.
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By Thunderstruck May 28, 18
Community Café
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For discussions about writing style and techniques, short writing prompts and creative exercises, and articles on growing as a writer.
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By Aries Taurua Dec 2, 17
Post your original art & forum graphics here!
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By PATROKLOS Apr 17, 18
For discussion about anything relating to the site, or roleplay and writing in general!
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By Thunderstruck Apr 8, 18
Discuss interesting topics with your fellow RPSers! Goofy, Silly, Off Topic, you name it! Forum games also welcome here!
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By Lisanna 7 hours ago
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