It was just another raining day, much like any other day this season. The only exception being how dark it was outside. Today, it was especially dark even though it was the middle of the day. The few cars still driving in this downpour had their headlights on, shining through every shop window they passed. No one was on the street of the small town. No one would even dream of walking down the street in this downpour.
Because of the lack of customers, shops started to close down early. Any shops with any shelter from the rain started to roll up their pavilions and store them away to lessen the damage from the wind and rain. Only then did the thunder start. At this point, all were inside, cozy in their homes except for you. With the rain having come out of seemingly nowhere, you were not prepared, leaving you drenched without an umbrella, a coat, or anything but the now closed pavilions of other businesses.
Down the street walked one other person in the rain. One with a dark backpack and a black jacket with the hood flipped up and over his face to shield himself from the storm. As he walked with his hands in his pockets, he seemed like he was in no rush to get anywhere, having already been drenched head to toe. The only thing keeping him dry was his jacket for the most part.
As he walked past you on the sidewalk, he seemed to pay you no mind, but a moment more, he looked back. Even though his face was almost completely covered by his hood, the hints of red hair showed through. He stopped walking and turned to face you completely.
"Excuse me," he said in a soft voice, though obviously speaking a little louder than his normal voice due to the loud sounds of the rain. "Do you not have any sort of jacket to shield you from the rain?"
He had the slightest bit of an accent in his voice but it was impossible to tell where he was from. His paler skin tone and red-brown hair suggested maybe European but the lack of freckles and voice suggested otherwise. Before you could even answer, he took off his backpack, of school bag size, and pulled out another black jacket. Despite his entire persona drenched in rain, his bag and its contents remained dry. The next moment, he was next to you, draping the jacket over your shoulders. You hadn't even seen him move.
"If you need, I am renting a motel not too far from here. You can take cover until the storm passes," he added, speaking a little softer now that you two were closer. When the jacket was securely over your shoulders, he took a step back and waited for your answer this time, his eyes still unseen under his hood. He didn't seem that much older than you though, around his mid 20 at most. His intentions were good, that much was obvious. As if expecting your answer, he moved his hand toward you slightly, his palm facing up. He was hoping you would take it.

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