Hello all, flies_with_owls here (Owls for short)

I'm a 29 year old English teacher with a little bit of spare time on my hands for collaborative story telling and I'm excited to find some partners!

Style and Preferences
I tend to write in the third person and I usually try for two to three paragraph entries. I'm generally free in the evenings, with some exceptions and I can check in on threads periodically during the day depending on how busy I am. I don't expect my partners to be novelists as long as we can work together to keep the story flowing.

I tend not to roleplay fandoms. No judgement on those who choose to do so, but I really enjoy the process of creating the characters and the world of the roleplay. I just feel more creatively free if I am working on my own unique world.

I have a few ideas that have been developing in my mind for a bit. Feel free to read them over in the section below and shoot me a reply or PM if you would like to give it a try!

Fallen Angels - A sci-fi thriller
In the near future, a young woman who finds herself pregnant without a support base signs up for a paid psychological study to make some extra money, only to find herself the captive of a mysterious scientific organization who are interested in her unborn child. As the experiments progress, she realizes that the scientists believe her child has some kind of strange powers. When he discovers that his superiors intend to surgically remove the child and take it from her, a junior researcher has a crisis of conscience and helps her escape. On the run from an organization that will stop at nothing to capture them, the researcher and woman must remain undetected and find safety before her soon to be born child arrives.

Coldwater - A classic western adventure
A small, lawless mining town is held captive by a band of outlaws who intend to take advantage of the town's newly discovered silver mines. The owner of the local saloon and brothel enlists the help of a wandering gunman to help the town rid itself of the murderous menace.