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RPS Chronicle Vol. 1, August 2017

By Sets - Posted Aug 22, 17

Vol. 1, August 2017

New Site

As a few of you may have noticed, Roleplay Society has moved site hosts. The staff thanks all of you for your patience and for staying with us through the move. Users both new and old are still wandering in. Everyone is encouraged to announce their presence in the Welcome Center and welcome new users.


Albeit a little late, with the new site comes a new newsletter! The Staff team is hoping to keep this monthly! If you wish to contribute, give feedback, or simply give a big thumbs up, forward all PMs to Birdee10. Featured every month will be news, contests, a literary showcase, visual art showcase, rp showcase, and special thanks!

Discord Rules

If you haven’t already checked it out, take a peek at the site’s fancy new chat server by clicking the “Discord” button on the menu bar! Thanks to the amazing @Rhilari, we also have newly-posted rules regarding the Discord server, so be sure to take a gander when you have a moment.

Amazing Articles!
This month on 'Amazing Articles', the Staff Team has been hard at work. Not only has Aries been busy creating not one, not two, but three fantastic articles to help out roleplayers of every skill but Rhilari put together this great guide on how to use the fancy new RP-S Discord! Have a formatting question you don’t know the answer to? bbCode not your forte? Never fear! Sets is here with an amazing Master Site Guide.

If you want to write articles for the site and be featured here on 'Amazing Articles', feel free to contact Birdee10

Voting Conundrums

We value your opinion! So please participate in our discussion about voting. Out site is in need of more traffic and the best way to do that is by voting. To see how the community feels things like voting badges and reminder messages should be handled, Sets is looking for input. So, if you have a moment, it would be greatly appreciated if you could stop by and leave a comment. And! Please please please please hit the two links at the top left of your page to vote. The Staff Team would be forever in your debt.


The Ice Gym

In the 7th installment of the Gym Contest Series, the theme was ice! There were some pretty cool submissions. Thanks to Abyssal, Stormcrow, Kraken Danse, Birdee10, Pisces, and our ever illustrious gym leader SunshineGreen Productions for all your participating in the Ice Gym! In a sudden twist of events, the entries were simply too good to decide a single winner. Abyssal and Pisces equally share the first place bragging rights. To read all of the entries or more about the contest itself, check out The Ice Gym and stay tuned for our next gym: Ground!

The Normal Gym

This is late, but the staff team would like to thank LexiZone, Kraken Danse, Peachy00Keen, Pisces, and our ever fabulous gym leader SunshineGreen Productions for participating in the Normal Gym! Congratulations to Kraken Danse for their poem that "showed a mastery of the rhythmic poem, with beautiful imagery and an even more beautiful story" -SGP. More information on that contest can be found in the Contests and Events board or by clicking here


RP Showcase!
Here, the Staff Team is proud to show off some of the top quality roleplays that are ongoing, or ones that are looking promising in development! To qualify they must be posted in within the last month and really stand out.

Ah high school, when hormones are raging, your body is changing, and you have recently learned what the ‘sex’ is and how to have it. Good times. Welcome to Clearwater High is some good old-fashioned high school drama with all the bells and whistles. Be goths, or jocks, or nerds, or beauty-queens, Clearwater has them all. Not only is this thread a good read and wonderfully written, but it is always accepting new players. Come one, come all, the good and the bad, you’ll find a place in Clearwater High.

There is something about spies that is infinitely fascinating almost everyone on planet earth. So when a spy themed thread as sexy looking as Cloak and Dagger comes along, the problem is not finding members, but deciding after how many you can start to turn people away. Not only does this thread come with a skill tree and points to put in the many spyly categories of skill, but the character sheets are stunning. No expense was spared when making this thread and you can be sure that no expense will be spared writing it.

Literary Showcase!
While many of you came for the collaborative storytelling, these beautiful people have also found a solo career, producing a poem, short story, or even a novel in the last month that could use some love <3

The Other
Craig Leo will have you on the edge of your seat with his short story The Other. Not a single comma is out of place as Craig Leo regales the reader with a tale of a world frozen in time, the girl stuck in it, and her possibly talking baseball card. Even if the end is short for a reader who wants to know the ultimate fate of our heroine, a writer can appreciate that the reader is left wanting more.

Visual Showcase!

(f)arts is far more than simply a pun about flatulence. Patroklos brings their original characters to life in a very unique style of hard lines and bright color. Many people would kill for the mastery of proportions (including the dreaded hand!) displayed in this thread. The first post shows off not only skill, but a sneak peak at a webcomic that would no doubt be a welcomed addition to the site if Patrokos ever decides to pursue it.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Rhilari and Cyn for your generous donations to this community. If it were not for you guys, this newsletter would not even be a thing.

As always! We in the Staff Team would like to thank you, yes you! the members of our great site for all you do be it writing, spam posting, or just lurking. Our thanks are yours.