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January's Top Voters

Congratulations and a huge thank-you to last month's top voters! Our number one voter this month was Tekk! They will get the Button Pusher award and badge until March First, along with a sparkling username and diamond micro-tag, and a choice of username display color. 

Our runners up were: Rhilari, Cyn, SunshineGreen Productions, and Kraken Danse! These users will get the Ballot Boxer award and badge, and a sparkle effect username until March First. 

All of our winners are also showcased on the sidebar of the Vote Page.

Votes are already being counted for next month's top voters, so don't miss your chance to usurp our current winners and get yourself a fancy badge and username for next month! Challenge your friends to see who can get the most votes in a month (remember you can log two points per day), and remember that voting really helps the site out! Since we started the monthly voting contest, we have really moved up in the voting ranks, so thank you to everyone who has been voting regularly!

New Forum Area

Due to several users asking for it, and the fact that the majority of our users are in the mid-twenties to mid-thirties age range, RPS has long been considering adding an area to the site to cater towards roleplays that touch upon content that is outside of the limits of our current rules. After much consideration, we are now very excited to bring The Upstairs Parlour to our older users, a new forum section that creates a place for more mature content. 

This new forum area is completely optional; Users will not see the forum area or any content from it unless they choose to do so. The content rules for the main forums are remaining exactly as they have always been. If this new forum section is not something you're interested in, then simply do nothing and your RPS experience will remain the same as it always has been.

If The Upstairs Parlour sounds like something you'd like to explore, and you are eighteen years of age or older, then you may fill out the the application for access to The Upstairs Parlour here. Please be sure to carefully read the rules as you do so - they have been carefully designed to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience while still allowing as much creative freedom as possible. Once your application is approved, then the new forum areas will appear for you. 

Any questions or comments should be directed to Sets or Rhilari