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September's Top Voters

Yay, we can finally start giving out voting awards again!

Congratulations and a huge thank-you to last month's top voters! Our number one voter this month was Thunderstruck! They will get the Button Pusher award and badge until November First, along with a sparkling username and diamond micro-tag, and a choice of username display color. 

Our runners up were: Hiro, Kraken Danse, and Necca! These users will get the Ballot Boxer award and badge, and a sparkle effect username until November First. 

All of our winners are also showcased on the sidebar of the Vote Page.

Votes are already being counted for next month's top voters, so don't miss your chance to usurp our current winners and get yourself a fancy badge and username for next month! Challenge your friends to see who can get the most votes in a month (remember you can log two points per day), and remember that voting really helps the site out!

Voting is back online!

Sets posted Aug 31, 18

Good news everyone - vote tracking is finally, finally back up! Check out the Vote Page and you'll see two new shiny forms for you to enter your username into. They work exactly the same as the old forms - enter your username, click submit, and you'll be taken to the ranking site to cast your vote for us.


You can vote on each site every twenty-four hours, earning two vote points per day. At the beginning of each month, we will announce the previous month's Top Voter and three runners-up. They get a shiny badge for the month, and the number-one voter gets to pick a username color. 

Voting for the site reallys helps us out, so be sure to compete. Additionally, a HUGE thank-you to everyone who continued to vote even when our tracking for bribery awards was down!